Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer all your questions below, but fell free to contact us if you have something else you'd like to clear up.

Before You Buy

Will a 360Mobile SIM work in any Mobile Phone?

No. Your need to provide your own mobile phone which supports 3G. If your handset is older and only supports GPRS then you will need to upgrade your phone. We provide standard SIMs which fit most mobile handsets.

To check if your phone is 3G, text 'Mobile' to 78333 (free).

Unfortunately we do not provide the smaller MicroSIMs for Apple iPhones at this time.

Charges and Tariffs

Can I change my package?

If, after your pre-paid period has expired, you wish to change the tariff you are on you will need to contact us (by email or phone) and notify us of the tariff you wish to move to (Texter100, texter300, or Texter600)


My new 360 Mobile SIM has just arrived – what do I do now?

All the instructions are in the SIM pack for activation and set up – you can log on to our portal here to start the activation process

Can I use my 360 Mobile SIM in any handset?

You will need a 3G handset (that is not locked to another network) for your 360 Mobile SIM to work properly and at present you are unable to use your SIM with Blackberry handsets or iPhone 4 (as we only provide Standard SIM cards at this time).

To check if your phone is 3G, text 'Mobile' to 78333 (free).

Can I use more minutes, texts and/or data than I have within my tariff?

Yes you can, you will be billed monthly for any over spend (Out of Bundle Charges) and this will be collected from you via the direct debit details you provided when you activated your SIM card

How can I make sure that I don’t run up huge bills for usage outside of my tariff?

To help you manage any overspend, we put a cap in place of £5 on your bill each month.  This means that when you reach this limit you will be unable to use any more minutes/texts/data so wont run up any more charges.  Don’t worry you can still receive calls and texts and one of our friendly customer service managers will call you to arrange for you to make a payment so that you can clear this amount down and continue using your phone.


In the event of overspend (out of bundle charges) being incurred by you we reserve the right to implement a cap on your usage once the overspend value hits £50 - this is designed to protect against large overspend bills being incurred.In the event of this cap being implemented one of our customer service representatives will contact you (by phone and email) to inform you of this and to discuss options with you.

How can I see if the 360 Mobile network will work in my area?

You can check our current coverage level (which is getting better every day!) by visiting the coverage checker on our website or clicking here – this will allow you to review your coverage by post code area.

What do I do if I have an issue with coverage after buying my SIM card from 360 Mobile?

If you have any issues with coverage then please call our customer service team on 0371 23 10 510.

How do I activate my SIM?

All you need to do is log on to and follow the online instructions.

What do I do if I have lost my SIM?

You can log into the 360 Portal ( and temporarily bar your service and then call 03712 310510 to allow us to facilitate a SIM swap to get you a free replacement SIM.

Can I use the SIM outside the UK?

No. 360 Mobile does not allow international roaming.

Do I get voice mail?

Yes, you can access voicemail from your handset.

How do I view my usage/bill?

You can log into the 360 Portal ( and click on the option to view your usage.

How do I turn on/off premium services?

You would need to contact customer services on 03712 310510 or email on to enquire.

Can I keep my number once my pre-paid period has ended?

Once you have given your 30 days’ notice for cancellation before your anniversary date we can provide a PAC code for your new network to transfer the number over. The PAC code is valid for 30 days.

Can I transfer my number to this SIM?

Please request a PAC code from your current network and supply this along with the number you want transfer too. The PAC code is valid for 30 days.

My SIM won’t work – what should I do?

Check that your phone is working and that still have usage available. Check the SIM in another phone. If the SIM is still not working contact customer services on 03712 310510 who will run further checks and if need be facilitate a SIM swap.